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There are many reasons to book a limo with Empire. Here are just a few!


We understand that every couple want their wedding day to be memorable and stress free, and that's why Empire Luxury Limousines offers the most luxurious and comfortable experience possible. Take your special day to the next level with a luxurious limousine and your very own driver. Go for the ultimate luxury experience with your entire wedding party in our fully equipped fleet.


One thing's for certain: you want to arrive to prom in style. Go for the ultimate VIP superstar arrival with your group of friend -- but not before you get the party started with your crew in one of our luxury limousines equipped with a surround sound system and fiber optic lighting! Prom might only happen once, but these memories will last you a lifetime.


A night out on the town with friends? A bachelor/bachelorette party? A staff party to remember? A retirement to celebrate? Why have to worry about parking, traffic or impaired driving when you could be riding in STYLE in one of Empire Luxury Limousines' finest. Let us take you and your friends out while you enjoy a spacious interior fully equipped for a good time.


Your trip doesn't have to be complicated, especially when Empire Luxury Limousines takes care of transportation for you or your group. Whether you're looking for transportation with increased privacy, a space to have meetings on the way, or even just planning a recreational group trip -- forget the bus, go for the limo.


The death of a loved one, and the accompanying funeral day, can often be overwhelming. Empire Luxury Limousines understands this, and it's why we offer respectful and courteous funeral transportation services. From your home to the funeral, to the cemetery -- we ensure that you and your loved ones won't have to worry about transportation.

Any special event!

There are many more reasons to book a limousine with Empire Luxury Limousines. You might be on holiday and want to kick the experience up a notch. Perhaps you're looking to surprise someone for their birthday or anniversary. Maybe you're looking to make a positive first impression, or to save time and effort when it comes to executive transportation. Whatever the case may be, Empire Luxury Limousines is here to cater to your every needs.

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